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Welcome to Oasis Aviation

Aircraft leasing has become the preferred choice for the airline industry. The core value proposition of aircraft leasing is the lessor’s ability to provide capital and expertise in managing aircraft (including realizing the residual value).

Our Services

Oasis Aviation offers a wide range of services to airlines and aircraft owners, including direct operating leases, sale and leaseback facilities and third party asset management.

Generating solid cash flow for each lender and equity investor.

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What We Offer

Aircraft Leasing and Fleet Planning

Oasis Aviation LLC provides a variety of leasing and fleet planning solutions to airlines, operators and aviation investors.

Trading and Advisory

Oasis Aviation LLC along with its partners are in an excellent position to provide a multitude of financial and advisory services to their clients.

Aircraft and Engine Sale Lease Back

Oasis Aviation LLC provides Sale Lease Back arrangements for airlines and other operators allowing them to free up capital that could be used for other business needs, avoid pre-delivery payments, eliminate asset residual risk, and increase fleet management flexibility.

Financing Partners


Axxcess Capital

Axxcess Capital Partners, LLC is a provider of advisory and distribution services for alternative investment managers seeking to raise capital or distribute products through a variety of equity channels. We provide specialized advisory services to our clients interested in broadening the scope of their alternative product’s reach, and creating the strategies that promote success for investors.

Industry Partners and Membership



Oasis works with industry leading firms such as AVITAS for aircraft valuations, lease analyses, and maintenance forecast and cost modelling.


International Aircraft Engine Association

International Aircraft Engine Association with 9000+ members globally today is an independent platform for one of the most sophisticated machinery mankind has ever invented. This association is integrating every aspect of the business vertical such as engine design, aftermarket, new engine selection for aircraft, engine leasing, and asset management. Engine manufacturers, service providers, lessors, financiers, repair and part vendors and airline operators share this platform to share their perspectives and ask the experts questions in this fascinating field.


International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading

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Full Name

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Executive Team

Dr. Hooman Rezaei
President and CEO

Dr. Hooman Rezaei has more than 15 years of experience in Aviation industry. He is leading the Oasis Aviation LLC’s aircraft leasing operations including finance, legal and technical based in Newport Beach Headquarter.

Khalifa Alsada
Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Khalifa Alsada has more than 14 years of experience in the Aviation Industry working with various aviation clients and suppliers in Middle East & North America. He started his career by working for the Royal Bahraini Air force as a Maintenance Officer where he served in many positions such as flight lines, Back shops and Logistics.

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